St0m and Octo_bear's SMP Minecraft Server! Version: 1.20.2 Status: Online


This is a small, mostly vanilla survival server, which encourages creativity and redstone ingenuity. A place for friends, and friends-of-friend to play in peace.

Server Address

Recommended Texture Pack

Soartex Fanver v6.0.5

Getting started

  • Connect to the server using the address at the top of the page.

  • Spawn in at Spawn Island, in the world Nostalgia, with the rank of "Tourist". As a Tourist, you can't do much.

  • Take the Tutorial to learn about possible commands.

  • Get promoted by introducing yourself to one of our players. Anyone can promote you to the rank of Trusted.

  • Visit the Hub by heading to /spawn and taking the Hub warp sign!

  • Start building once you've been promoted, by heading to the world Adventure!

About the Worlds

Note that there are currently two worlds:

  • Adventure
    • A regular survival world for your day-to-day Minecrafting.
    • Freshly generated for 1.20.2
    • Limited to a 7500 block radius

  • Nostalgia - Originally a v1.1 map, it's now an Archive World and Creative playground. It features countless examples of time well spent:

    • Giant Pirate Ships
    • Wizards Towers
    • Multi-platform cart station with old-school, piston-based cart dispening
    • Exceptionally long and scenic railways
    • Hand-crafted village with underground lab (and monsters)
    • Stargate's Cheyenne Complex.

    Don't miss the breathtaking Mattopia! Guided tours are almost never available.