Regulations and Proceedings of Financial Interactions, Relaxed Edition

The server uses the Economy system built into the Essentials plugin. Prices are listed in £ (pounds). The Item values are calculated using the values on this list, divided by 32.

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Protection Disposal Buying Selling Trading


Used for protecting chests and furnaces, and thus can only be placed next to chests and furnaces. They also protect the block below themselves to prevent people removing them.

You can add up to two names, other than yourself, per sign. Creating extra signs on other sides of the chest will allow you to add more names.

Note: you must leave the bottom line blank.



Simply acts like a chest that eats anything put into it. Safer than a pool of lava and smoother than a cactus.



You can Pay players with the /pay command.

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You can Buy from and sell to the Server at any of the shops (eg, London market).

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You can Trade with other players - for items or currency - through Trade signs.

The following examples explain how to create your own trading signs. You must have the item(s) you want to trade in your inventory when you create the sign. Collect your takings by right-clicking the sign once it's been used.

The trade sign follows the following basic layout:

 <What you want> 
 <What they get> 

The following example show how to sell ten loaves of bread for £1 each. The cost is £1, the product is "1 Bread" and there are 10 uses in the sign.

 £<Cost of Item> 
 <# Item>:<Tot.Avail.> 
 1 Bread:10 

All very well, but money isn't everything and you may have plenty of Bread. How about trading some of it for some nice juicy Steak? Steak is better than bread, so we'll trade for 3:1. The cost is 1 GrilledSteak, the product is "3 Bread" and there are 10 uses in the sign (meaning you'll need 30 bread in your inventory to create the trade).

 <Item you want> 
 <# Item>:<Tot.Avail.> 
 1 GrilledSteak 
 3 Bread:10